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MARTIAL ARTS Kata and Beyond

White Belt to First Black Belt

a Golden Sage Martial Arts Kata Manual

by Prof. Bob Karnes



Part 1 and Part 2 White belt to first degree Black Belt is 230 pages with over 1,300 illustrations. This manual is only sent to Black Belts in good standing, for my cost  $35 shipping included.

Part 3 Professors level not yet produced

The Reason for this Project

            This is an ongoing project that originally was an updated Golden Sage Martial Arts Dojo Kata Manual with illustrations to demonstrate what I currently teach with Alicia Karnes, Sandan, Sensei Ni at our martial art school.

            The Bushidokan Federation is an accumulation of many schools and Dojos that are autonomous. Below fifth degree black belt there are no Bushidokan Federation Black Belt exams. There is no official Bushidokan Federation Kata or kata manual that I am aware of. With this manual I am passing on is how I teach Dan Zan Ryu basic kata and the flavor of Prof. LaGue’s DZR Zenyo Bujutsu as I was taught.                  

Serving Senseis

         As a Professor with the Bushidokan International Federation it is an honor and a duty to serve our Sensei. As a Bushidokan Federation Professor it is our mission to promote and preserve Prof. Okazaki’s Dan Zan Ryu and Prof. Herb LaGue’s DZR Zenyo Bujutsu.

            As every Sensei or Black Belt was not able to attend the same classes at the Bushidokan from years between 1983 to 2000 I have the need to share these arts that meant so much to me and others. I spent many years promoting and teaching others the arts in this manual to new and advanced students. I miss the opportunity to travel and personally teach these arts and I look for ways that I can do more. I share this manual to help Senseis to use as they find fit.

Limited Professor Travel to Serve Senseis

         Over the years, before our Bushidokan Federation, some of us traveled to many AJJF Federation events to support the Dojos and the AJJF Federation. Lessons learned from these commitments and self-sacrifice were greatly rewarded with the Arts, Ohana and the Kokua shared between Kyu ranks, black belts, Senseis and  the Professor’s. These experiences continue to form the best parts of who I am.

         Times and financial conditions have changed from when credit was cheap and now traveling to other parts of the USA for martial art classes or events is no longer possible for many of us. Some students and teachers call this Jujitsu poor. Many of us have only limited time and resources that are directed to keeping our family financially secure and school or Dojo open. I hope that this Part 1 and Part 2 manual will help pass the arts of Dan Zan Ryu and DZR Zenyo Bujutsu on far into the future.

New Teaching Tools

With this manual I hope to serve the Sensei. I hope that it fulfills a need to remind us of arts that we missed or forgot so that we may reintroduce these arts when needed. I also use self-created videos for each rank for our school’s rank guidelines along with part 1 of this manual to assist our green belts students to review during the week while working on their notebooks before class time.          

In Kokua and Ohana-Prof. Bob Karnes and Alicia Karnes, Sensei Ni        Golden Sage Martial Arts   2-24-2020

I get copies made. I put the 230 B&W pages with over 1,300 illustrations including chapter dividers in a hole punched, plastic spiral bound manual produced at my home.


First send me the money through pay pal or a check through the mail with the name and the e-mail address of the Black Belt (if it is you fill out the certificate)


As this is normally only available through Sensei if you send this as an e-mail to your Black Belt they send me an e-mail and I mail it to them


Gift Certificate


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One Golden Sage Martial Arts Kata Manual

MARTIAL ARTS KATA and BEYOND part 1 and part 2

White belt to First Degree Black Belt

By Prof. Bob (bobasan) Karnes


I verify that I have received the minimum rank of Shodan in Dan Zan Ryu. I have received instruction in all of Shinnin and I have a complete notebook. I also verify that I am in good standing with a reference (sponsor) from a Sensei, senior Black Belt or from a DZR Professor



Print or type name and sign                       e-mail and DZR rank



Name, Rank, and e-mail of your sponsor


Professor Bob Karnes

Golden Sage Martial Arts

US Army Garrison Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden, Germany


Let us know what you think!

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MAKB  Reviews and DZR videos


Martial Arts Kata and Beyond

by Prof. Bob Karnes

5.0 out of 5 stars Exact and Complete

Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2020

This detailed overview takes the user from beginner to Black Belt within a style of Jujitsu known as Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu. Its descriptions are accompanied by several in person photos of the techniques completing the view at any stage. The author includes variations and transitions for some of the techniques for even further clarity on the topic. Basic massage, though not often discussed in other formats, is demonstrated in a chapter toward the end of the book. The added personal insights and wisdom make this manual engaging and friendly while also very complete.

Prof Mike Miller

Martial Arts Kata and Beyond(MAKB) by Prof Karnes is a manual of Dan Zan Ryu (DZR) and DZR Zenyo Bujitsu styles of Jujitsu. The book consists of detailed descriptions and photos of all DZR techniques upto and including Shinnin arts. It also has chapters on Rolls/falls, Yasu nage (Low impact arts), restorative massage, Kappo, Honbo and womens self defence techniques.

The book draws on Prof Karnes extensive experience in the field of Jujitsu, massage and self defence spanning more than forty years.

The book is very well written and the text and drawings allow for an easy to follow and yet detailed description of the arts. The author has a very lucid writing style, adding in his own anecdotes and more detailed explanations of the background of the arts and of the origins of jujitsu also. This has created a very engaging work that is more than just another manual of Jujitsu. Instead it has enough detail and background( including numerous variations) to be considered a reference volume on the subject.

What also comes across is Prof Karnes views of the way martial arts should be transmitted and learned. The Sensei – student relationship and the need for dedication, time and mutual respect that this relationship entails is evident in this work and is refreshing to see.

I was also surprised to see a few variations that were new to me despite being a practitioner of DZR for more than 25 years!

I feel this book would be invaluable to any serious student of DZR or DZR Zenyo Bujutsu no matter what level of training they are at and would unreservedly recommend this work.

Prof Milind Dhond, MD, FACC

7th Dan DZR Zenyo Bujutsu , Bushidokan Federation


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