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#2 Mental Health Workers

Plumbers of the Fountain of Mental Health


#3 Martial Arts Kata and Beyond

Part 1 White Belt to Green Belt


Updated 4-15-2021

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Paperback and Kindle

Mental Health Workers

Plumbers of the Fountain

of Mental Health


Bob Karnes

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About Prof. Bob Karnes

Bob was a co-Sensei with Suki LaGue, Sensei at the Bushidokan and he also opened two other schools one in Montana and one in Cold Springs, Reno Nevada. Bob has used the healing arts and martial arts of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in many jobs, such as a mental health therapist, teenage boot camp counselor, a max security forensic prison guard, events security guard, and as a massage therapist. Bob was awarded 5 th Degree Black Belt -Godan- in 2002 with the Title of Shihan. Bob was awarded the title of Professor, Shichidan 7th Degree Black Belt, Shihan with the Bushidokan Federation in the art of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in 2004 under Professor Herb LaGue, Shodai. Bob, a.k.a. Bobasan, currently holds the rank of Hachidan 8th Degree Black Belt.

In memory or our friend and teacher Burkhard "Bogie" Bohm

Professor Steve McLaughlin words so true our heart is broken too.

My very good friend of the last 43 years has passed away.
Burkhard Bohm, was a cultured, educated, intelligent, and meaningful person. An excellent father with accomplished and wonderful children, a husband to an amazing wife Debi Laport whose support cannot be appreciated by us enough. A couple others should emulate.

...Bogi, studied jujitsu as if his life depended on it. Learning all of DanZan Ryu jujitsu to it's philosophical and martial depths. His dojo The Feather River Kodenkan established in 1998 was one of well known repute with excellent students.

As a Professor of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu, his sound advice, alternate points of view were always invaluable.
We could always trust what Bogi said and felt.

...His GeoHydrology business was helpful to the planet and the people. His hand-built home was just an example of the paradise he created for his family.

My deepest feelings of sympathy and support go to his wife Debi and their children.

...We could only hope to live a life as good as his. heart is broken.

Martial Arts Instruction

During a Pandemic 

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Web Classes
Kito Ryu

Kito Ryu is a traditional school of the Japanese martial art of jujutsu. Its syllabus comprises atemi-waza (striking techniques), nage-waza (throwing techniques), kansetsu-waza (joint locking techniques) and shime-waza (choking techniques). The style is focused on throws and sweeps, and many of these techniques are designed to be performed while in full armor.

Bo-Long 6' Staff, Hanbo, and Bokken Katas

These weapon arts are for solo practice Partner practice at class only. These arts are from my GAMA Kata  Manual MARTIAL ARTS KATA AND BEYOND Journey to Black Belt Part 1 and 2 and MARTIAL ARTS KATA AND BEYOND Part 3 Nidan to Yodan 

Updated free Golden Sage Martial arts web classes

I do not claim to have all original content as you will note that my sources are sited. It is not to be monetized and is as under fair use. This content is ONLY for educational purposes.

All martial art or healing arts are to be taught under a qualified instructor.

We do not accept lability for inappropriate use of or lability for practice of these arts.

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