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Prof. Alicia Karnes Bio

Very Important

Screening and medical tests for all martial art students before and bi yearly after are needed. 

These are self defense arts to be used as a last resort to protect yourself or others. Practice under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Prof. Bobasan

Prof. Bob "Bobasan" Karnes Bio

Yasu Nage

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New posts for home page

7-2024 DZR Ohana

classes by Prof. Bob Karnes  Intro to Dynamic Warm-ups and Therapeutic Stretching 1 and 2

History of Professor Ranks

from my research

Bio of Prof. Byzek

Bio of 

Prof. John Chow - Hoon

Prof. Okazaki and Prof. Chow - Hoon Historical Gallery Photos

Who we are and what we do as told by my Teacher

Prof. Steve McLaughlin in an interview

From a very good facebook poster he gathers martial art posts

Judo, Jujitsu, Goshinjutsu, Taijutsu, Aikijujutsu, Yawara, Kenpo channel

by Donn Schucker

Prof. Bob Karnes GSMA Kata Manual 

Martial Arts Kata and Beyond 

Part 3 Nidan to Yodan 

Kanji for

our Ranking System

Prof. Bob Karnes comprehensive history about his journey in the Martial Arts


Maximize Your Martial Art Study and Enhance Your Teaching Skills By Professor Bob “Bobasan”

The Way of Walking Alone: 21 Principles For Life by Miyamoto Musashi (Dokkodo)

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Japanese massage by RM

Katsu and Kapo

Restoration Tech

GSMA Drunken Uncle Jujitsu 

GSMA Wiesbaden Radio Add and Freestyle video

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Why and where do we bow at martial art classes

Why there are rules and

protocol required to

learn the martial arts


Bobasan's Gallery

 Older Jiu Jitsu Books PDFs




GSMA Woman's Assault Prevention Course

Great Overview of  DZR

and what we also teach

Burbank Jujitsu

Burbank Danzan Dojo

Sensei Billy Doak, "This Is Ju Jitsu!"

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 from Prof. Bob Karnes

Golden Sage Martial Arts

Kata Manual

Martial Arts Kata and Beyond Part 3  

Nidan To Yodan

Zen and Far Eastern Philosophy PDF

The truth about Martial Arts

Sifu Adam Chan

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J Bruce Sutherland (1879-1933) was part of the second generation of European Ju-Jitsu instructors. By 1915, he was teaching classes for the Special Constables and the 17th Royal Scots Battalion (Rosebery Bantam Battalion). He is known to have advocated Ju-Jitsu training for the Boy’s Brigade, the Cadet Corps, Junior Officers’ Training Corps, Scottish police, and the 12th Company City of Edinburgh Boy Scouts.

video 1914 Jujitsu this is what we teach and more in DanZan Ryu

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Prof. Bohm and Family Tribute

In memory or our friend and teacher Burkhard "Bogi" Bohm

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bob and bogie at feather river 10-11-19.

Professor Steve McLaughlin words so true our heart is broken too.

My very good friend of the last 43 years has passed away.
Burkhard Bohm, was a cultured, educated, intelligent, and meaningful person. An excellent father with accomplished and wonderful children, a husband to an amazing wife Debi Laport whose support cannot be appreciated by us enough. A couple others should emulate.

...Bogi, studied jujitsu as if his life depended on it. Learning all of DanZan Ryu jujitsu to it's philosophical and martial depths. His dojo The Feather River Kodenkan established in 1998 was one of well known repute with excellent students.

As a Professor of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu, his sound advice, alternate points of view were always invaluable.
We could always trust what Bogi said and felt.

...His GeoHydrology business was helpful to the planet and the people. His hand-built home was just an example of the paradise he created for his family.

My deepest feelings of sympathy and support go to his wife Debi and their children.

...We could only hope to live a life as good as his. heart is broken.

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Martial Arts Instruction

During a Pandemic 

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I do not claim to have all original content as you will note that my sources are sited. It is not to be monetized and is as under fair use. This content is ONLY for educational purposes.

All martial art or healing arts are to be taught under a qualified instructor.

We do not accept lability for inappropriate use of or lability for practice of these arts.

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