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GSMA Presents

Prof. John Shipley

Sensei of the Koshinkan from Fallon, Nevada USA

Web Classes and

Katana Demo

GSMA Presents

Prof. Mil Dhond

Sensei of

Green Valley Kodenkan 

In Cordelia, California USA

 Volume level may be high adjust your sound level down first

GSMA Presents

Prof. Gustavo Sanchez

Sensei of

Bushindo Ju-jitsu Ecuador 

Prof. Steve McLaughlin bio

and article

When should I strike

when should I throw

GSMA web class 

Dynamic  Stretching

yawara, strikes, and variations

GSMA Web Class 

Drunken Uncle Jujutsu

Using an escort or gentle 


GSMA Web Class Lists, books, and Manuals Talk

Bushidokan Martial Arts

1990's demo Asian Festival

Sparks, Nevada

Part 1 and Part 2

Introduction to

Golden Sage Restorative Massage

GSMA Web Class

Tools for challenging times

Physical and Mental Fitness

Low impact 

Taichi Qigong

Shibashi with annotations

Plus far eastern Philosophy

Shaolin Qigong 15 Minute Daily Routine

Prof Sig Kufferath Class and

rolls & falls by

Sensei Duane Sheely

TAOISM | The Philosophy Of Flow

TAOISM | The Power of Letting Go

GSMA Web Class

Old Master &

tough younger guy


10th Degree Kodokan Black Belt Kyuzo Mifune


Master Musa Muhammad

 Beginning Martial Art Self-Defense

Web Class

Esoteric Principles of Dan Zan Ryu of the Kodenkan Golden Sage Martial Arts goal and self-defense philosophy

Uke Te, Atemi,

and Keri Te

GSMA Web Class

Yawara and Tessen history and tools for


Awesome Demo - Traditional Aiki Jujutsu - Fudoshin ryu

This Explains That by Prof. Bob Karnes Teaching DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu

US Military

hand to hand combat old video

Bushidokan Federation

Mission Statement

Kitō ryū 起倒流 is a traditional school koryū

What is Jujitsu and more

From  one of my teachers

written by

Prof.  Steve McLaughlin

Bushidokan Demo Teams from early 2000


Woman's Assault Prevention Seminar Arts, Demo of martial art Ladies, Yasu Nage,

and DZR Video 

Bo-Long 6' Staff, Hanbo, and Bokken Katas

From Jujitsu America

Bio of

Prof. John Chow-Hoon

GSMA Web Class

Introduction to Chinese Medicine and

Philosophy 1

GSMA Web Class

Introduction to Chinese Medicine and

Philosophy 2

From my Manual

Martial Arts Kata and Beyond Part 3


GSMA web class

Alicia, Sensei

Lu Jung  warm up

Tai Chi 24 Form

Slow Motion with Instructions

from Peter Chin

Go to

GSMA Student Resource Videos Page

for more classes

Koshinkan 29th School Anniversary  Black Belts teach one technique as per our event tradition  

Part 1

Koshinkan Event Part 2

Koshinkan event Part 3

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