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These are the Books and Martial Art Manuals by Bob Karnes

At this time I am offering my Books and Martial Art Manuals to Read and Review.

The Manuals and Books have borrowed from each other and you will find repeated arts and text.

US Military Hand to Hand manuals  PDF

US Army field manual 1992.jpg
hand to hand combatives 2008.jpg

My first book written June 2018


stories from the dojo front cover.jpg
stories from the dojo back cover.jpg

My 4th book is


The Plumbers of the Fountain

of Mental Health

the art of bob web 4-10-2022.jpg
mental health book front page.jpg
mental health book back cover.jpg

This is my first book / manual

pathway to self-discovery cover 8-7-2021.jpg
pathway to self-discovery back cover 8-7-2021.jpg

DZR Restorative Massage

arts from Prof. Karnes

for teaching non-martial artist 

massage instructors resource.jpg

My 5th Book is


Working at a Family Owned Cadillac Dealership

and How it Changed Me

cadillac dreams cover.jpg
cadillac dreams back cover 300.jpg


Journey to Black Belt Part 1 

 White Belt to Green Belt

(Part 2 Green Belt to 1st degree black belt is on the Black Belts Resource Page)

This is unique as it includes parts of my 2nd book but it is list by list illustrated with written descriptions of the DanZan Ryu and DZR Zenyo Bujutsu arts in color with hyper links to videos

GSMA Part 1 cover 11-2022.jpg
MAKB back page 1 and 2.jpg

MAKB Part 1

White Belt to

Green Belt

A few other books that I recommend from other authors

US Army hand to hand add.jpg
the lioness within book add.jpg
combative kyusho-jutsu book.jpg
Jujitsu book tom lang cover.JPG
budojinkan book.jpg
black belt judo book cover 2.jpg
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