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Prof. Bobasan Martial Arts in the workplace

Martial Art Demo at Japanese Deer Park

From the meditation, the calm and gentle practice of DanZan Ryu Jujitsu I was able to help restrain my survival instincts so I would not freeze or over react to the violence that mental health workers often faced. The family and the people in a mental health crisis were the most affected while the mental health workers  were often overlooked as we also carried the pain and mental anguish over years of attempting to resolve these attacks and the environmental to make the patients and staff safe. The video above is an example of police officers professional attempt of working with the acutely mentally ill. Mental Health workers were more limited in every way to the tools of what we could use to remain safe.

      What I think I know        

Bobasan 4-2-2023

I watched my first live martial art demonstration around 1968. I was 11 years old visiting the Buena Park, California Japanese Village – Deer Park.

How I chose the DanZan Ryu Jujitsu system of martial arts / healing arts / self-defense path.

I started working in 1980 at the State of Nevada Mental Health Institute as a front line Mental Health Technician. After working the dangerous adult unit where there were fights and assaults every day I knew that I needed some training in self-defense.

My first Instructor and my first martial art school

In 1981 I found in a throw away The Big Nickle Classified I found an add for the Sparks Recreation classified add for Jujitsu martial art classes taught by Ginny Kitzke. I was the first student who signed up for classes without first watching or taking a free introductory class. I recognized the word Jujitsu from 10 years before during the below class.

Why Jujitsu

In 1971 I had walked into her home school – Dojo belonging to Herb LaGue. The Dojo was the Sparks Judo and Jujitsu School. After an evening class was over, I saw two students practicing Yawara hand arts, two students practicing throws, and one student sitting on the mat writing in his notebook. This last student surprised me as it seemed that something was important enough to write down and beating up people was not the only consideration.


My martial art system choice was one of convenience and luck


Uncle Jujitsu

PDF Book by Prof. Bob Karnes

Mental Health Workers

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