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What is New?

  • GSMA

    Bushidokan Martial Arts

    1990's demo Asian Festival

    Sparks, Nevada

  • GSMA Presents

    Prof. Gustavo Sanchez, Sensei

    Bushindo Jujitsu Ecuador Dojo

  • GSMA Presents Prof. Shipley

    Sensei of the Koshinkan

    Web Classes and Katana Demo

  • Bushidokan International Federation

    and Golden Sage Martial Arts

    Introduces one of our own!

    Prof. Mil Dhond

    Sensei of Green Valley Kodenkan 

    In Cordelia, California USA

  • Esoteric Principles of Dan Zan Ryu of
    the Kodenkan Golden Sage Martial Arts goal
    and self-defense philosophy
  • WWII Hand to Hand Combat
  • New web class 2-5-2021
    Beginning Martial Art
    Self-Defense Class
  • Bushidokan Federation 
  • Bushidokan Federation 
  • Old video Kito Ryu Jujutsu Tradition Japan Budo
  • Woman's Assault Prevention Seminar
  • Uke Te, Atemi, and Keri Te
  • Open web based Skeletal System test  & Anatomy charts 1-13-21
  • Introduction to Golden Sage Restorative Massage
  • Master Musa Muhammad &
    10th Degree Kodokan Black Belt
    Kyuzo Mifune 
  • 3rd Degree Blue Belt Rank Guidelines Test and Review
  • Awesome Demo - Traditional Aiki Jujutsu 
    Watch for the Shinnin Bow!
     Fudoshin Ryu
    (Path of the indomitable spirit) is a martial art created from old traditional Japanese styles, all based on the code and etiquette of the Samurai (Bushido).
    Great demonstration of traditional martial Fudoshin Ryu in RINGS Gala 2013 in Amstelveen.
  • Bo-Long 6' Staff, Hanbo, and Bokken Katas
  • Lu Jong Set and Tai Chi short Yang style
  • Old video Kito Ryu Jujutsu Tradition Japan Budo
  • Prof Sig Kufferath Class and roll & falls by Sensei Duane Sheely
GSMA Web Class

Physical and Mental Fitness

I was looking for something with light impact Qigong and I found this

Taichi Qigong Shibashi with annotations

GSMA School and family update

1-11-2021 Donation to Dojos in need info

Yawara history and tools
for self-defense

GSMA Web Class

Throwing Dummy Review

GSMA Web class 

video link below

Introduction to Chinese Medicine and 
Philosophy 1


Part 3 Nidan to Yodan

Golden Sage Martial Arts

Saturday Web Class


Shaolin Qigong

GSMA Saturday Web Class


Chinese Medicine and Philosophy part 2

From my soon to be released Manual

Martial Arts Kata and Beyond Part 3

Nidan to Yodan

(rough draft excerpt) Introduction to 

see the pdf below

Golden Sage Martial Arts

School update and

Bushidokan update

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